Birthday Parties

Family Chocolate Making Sessions
Chocolate making Dennehy's Cross Cork

From age 6 – 106 years old 

We do birthday parties for all ages … although admittedly, I am still waiting for the call for the 106 year olds birthday party … but you just never know!

This is how we do it… 

We welcome the party group with melted chocolate and marshmallows and then we make a cake with the birthday boy / birthday girl and the group decorates it together.

Everyone makes a tray of chocolate shapes – there are plenty to choose from !

We then show you how to make lollipops and everyone makes a few of those. Then we decorate some party bags and we all sing happy birthday and we share the cake out!

We’ve got everything covered … you just need to turn up and you can sit in the coffee shop just outside the party room and drink coffee and chat.

Weekend parties, 11am, 2pm: Minimum* of 18 people for Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekend parties, 4.30pm: Minimum* of 15 people.

Weekday parties: Minimum* of 15 people for Wednesday to Friday.

Smaller parties: If you have a smaller group you may wish to join one of our family sessions and we’ll make it a special celebration for you.

Price: €15 per person.

*Minimum means we will charge for that number even if you have less. However, parents, siblings and anyone else is welcome to join in to make up the numbers. And just in case the birthday boy/girl doesn’t want you to cramp their style, you can make your chocolates in the cafe section!