The Bow Box

Could you just do…

That’s how most corporate chocolate chats start and the answer is mostly yes I can.

Almost anything is possible with chocolate so the best thing to do is to call me or email me and we can chat about what you want to achieve. My background is campaign and marketing management, so I might just have some good ideas to throw in too.

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking…

I can make a mould of your logo or product and then fill it with great chocolate

I can put your logo on lollipops, filled chocolates, bags and all sorts ( not really all sorts…but you know what I mean ).

I can flavour or decorate chocolate bars in your corporate colours.

I can do a whole range of gifts or giveaways depending on the message you want to portray – you might want to impress or just remind your customers that you’re nice people to do business with.

Chocolate hampers…who wouldn’t like to get one of those.

Chocolate bouquets…much tastier than flowers.

So, could you just…well give me a call on 087 945 9981 or email and we’ll see if I can.