My story so's just the beginning


We all have a story and this is mine.

My name is Enda Spillane, I’m from Cork and after 20+ years in the UK, I’m back in Cork making chocolate and doing a whole load of other fun stuff at Dennehy’s Cross.

Chocolate is my career change … I was previously a Marketing Consultant in the IT Industry. I realise I’m incredibly lucky to have turned my hobby into a business and I am really living the dream. Some days it doesn’t feel like that, but most days it does. I’m working harder than I’ve ever worked before and I love everything about it … except the washing up – there has to be a downside to make you appreciate the ups!

Along the journey so far, I’ve made mistakes, learnt a lot, laughed, cried, navigated the sharp bends and sped along the straight stretches – all with the help of fab friends and a family with big ears ( literally ). I’m a lover of shoes and one of my favourite quotes of all times is, “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world”. It’s a great Marilyn Monroe quote and it’s absolutely true. In my case, I spend most of my day in crocs or runners, and having changed from a career where I wore heels all the time, I know the difference that a pair of shoes can make to the way you work!

I’m asked all the time if I still like chocolate and I do, although I have become a chocolate snob. I’m also asked what’s the best part of what I do and although it sounds false, I must say I love it all…apart from the washing up…I’ve mentioned that previously on this page … are you hearing me?!

If you’d like to get in touch to talk about chocolate, chocolate making courses and parties you can email me at or call me on +353 87 945 9981

Yours in chocolate