Chocolate Shop


Pop in …

It’s never too early, too late, too cold, too wet, too warm, too anything for chocolate, so whatever the weather – come and see me!

I’m adding new products all the time and also keeping the shop well stocked with some of the ‘ole favourites.

Special occasions

I’m always asked to do weird and wonderful things and so far I’ve managed to come up with something for most occasions. I can personalise most items with names and messages, some of the things I’ve done since I opened the shop include, a personalised camera, a boat, noah’s ark, ballet shoes, footie boots, first communion gifts and I’m working on an elephant at the moment!

Just pop in for a chat or call me on 087 – 945 9981 if you’re looking for some ideas for gifts for a special occasion.

Weddings and events 

There’s something for everyone and something for every budget, whether it’s place names, favours, after dinner treats or whatever, I’ve probably go something for you. With enough notice, I can probably just about do anything … or I’ll have a good go at it anyway.

Opening times

The rule is, if the shutter is up – I’m there so its worth ringing the bell. The official opening hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Sunday: If there is a class running or there’s a party on, I’m here but it may not always be possible to get to the door quickly…so just hang on … I won’t be long!

Finding me

I’m tucked round the back of College Commercial Park at Dennehy’s Cross. If you’re going from Ramen to the Bons, I’m about 200ft on the right hand side just down from Ramen. Follow your nose round the back and you’ll see Cocomo.

You can always call me on 087 – 945 9981 if you’re lost.