Chocolate Goodies

Personalised Bars

It’s never too early, too late, too cold, too wet, too warm, too anything for chocolate – and with Christmas coming, I’ll be updating the site in time for Santa to order all his goodies!

But chocolate isn’t just for Christmas:



Whether it’s for clients, staff, social club members, guests – we can create a special gift for all your event delegates and attendees or visitors. Chocolate gives everyone a great warm feeling and when it’s personalised for each person or for the business, it shows that bit of extra effort and thought.


Double up with the favour and the place name and give each guest a bar of chocolate with their name on it – we can arrange the delivery so it’s nicely packed by table and we can co-ordinate with your colour theme for the day. Lots of options – all you need to do is ask.

Want to chat? 

You can give me a call on 087 – 945 9981 and we can talk chocolate !